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W.E. Couplings Lancashire based factory comprises well equipped fabrication, hose fitting and machining shops.

We have seven CNC and two manual horizontal lathes, capable of up to 750mm diameter over the saddle, and up to five meters between centers. The long oil country lathe also has a 14" open-center chuck to allow pass through.

We have four vertical CNC machining centers with an up to 1800mm width bed-size allowance.

We also have a large diameter sawing capability of up to 880mm, again set up to handle long lengths.

WE Swivel joint
WE Swivel joint

One of our flagship products is the WESwivel joint - utilized in the articulated drain and floating suction systems. It is specially designed and manufactured to allow 360 degrees of low-friction rotation without reducing the through-bore at all.

Available in a range of configurations, sizes and materials, it also comes with a customised seal configuration, depending on the medium, pressure and environment in which it will be used.

Leyflat Hose
Leyflat Hose

Layflat tubing doesn't just protect items from bumps and grazes during transport; you can also use it to stop furniture and machinery getting damaged during renovations or redecorating by simply sliding the tubing over the item and encasing it. Roll carpets into Layflat Tubing for the best protection during storage

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Tremie Equipment

We are pleased to announce we hiring out tremie equipment racks now, please get in touch for details. Contact us on 01257 475101 or email


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Tremie Racks ready for delivery